What to look for in a watercolour brush

If you're learning watercolour painting, and you're not sure what to look for in a watercolour brush, you're in the right place!

Firstly, this might sound obvious, but only use a watercolour paintbrush - brushes designed for other paints like oil paints and acrylic paints can't handle or hold the water like watercolour brushes can, so make sure you have the right brush for the medium you're using!

Within the watercolour brush family, you’ll find there are brushes made with animal hair, synthetic brushes and even imitation animal hair- for now, while you’re getting started, don’t worry too much about this - just go with what you can afford, and what is good quality within your budget!

You don’t need heaps of brushes either, depending on how big you’re gonna be painting, you probably just need a size 2, a size 6 and maybe a size 12 - you can do a LOT with just a couple of brushes!

When looking for round brushes, make sure they have a pointed tip, and the bristles aren't all over the place/sticking out in all directions.

To care for your brushes, never leave them in your water jar. Make sure they dry laying down on a dry piece of paper towel or cloth etc, and once fully dry either store them laying down or upright in a jar/jug etc.

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