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Watercolour lemon and limes tutorial!

Watercolour is SO much fun, but sometimes it can be hard to come up with ideas of what to paint - sometimes you just need a weird idea to get you inspired, which is why you're gonna be painting LEMONS AND LIMES!

You will need:

watercolour paints

watercolour brush (a pointed round brush)

watercolour paper

two jars of water

paper towel or a cloth

a lemon or lime (optional!)

Anyway, now that you're set up and ready to paint, I've got a video tutorial alllll about painting these lovely, whimsical citrus fruits (it's enough to make you want a piece of lemon slice!).

My BIGGEST tip: nothing is perfect, so your painting won't be perfect, and that is TOTALLY FINE! Embrace it! The messier the better in fact (seriously) and enjoy the process.

Happy painting!

Tess xo


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