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Wanna learn watercolour, but you have NO idea where to start?! 
Beginners Online Course

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Start here (for just $12!)

Don't worry - I was the same (not that long ago) - I had no idea WHAT to learn first, let alone how to do it?!

Buuut, now you can learn watercolour - without the overwhelm!

Why?! Because I've created a course to get you started and confident with watercolour FAST.

No fluff, just what you need to know to get you started today (for just $12!!!)

Sick of step-by-step tutorials?
Wanna just paint *on your own*?!

Finding Your Own Art Style - Online Course

Learn all my tips and tricks, the why (not just how) + develop your own unique painting style!

This is different to anything else I’ve made because...


I’m not editing out the mishaps, the mistakes, and the “oh crap, that’s the wrong colour!” moments - because that’s where the good stuff happens, right?!


By showing you everything from planning and set-up, all the way through to finishing off my painting/s, you’ll see exactly what I do and WHY (and by seeing my mistakes, you’ll also learn what NOT to do, ha!)

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watercolour artwork
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But what supplies do you even need?!

Grab your FREE Watercolour Supplies Guide here!

Plus, the guide has links to more free watercolour tutorials to help you get started!

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Don't have time/energy to search for supplies?

My Watercolour Kits have  everything you need to learn watercolour and take time out for yourself to relax, unwind and just have some fun!

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Wanna learn to paint but you're lacking confidence?

Take my $12 course to get started with watercolour fast
(even if you don’t think you’re creative!)


Ruby Tuesday Workshops are the perfect excuse to take some time-out for yourself, to relax and dabble in something creative.


Throughout my workshops we explore the beautiful medium of watercolour painting, in an easy and laid-back way - my classes are absolutely perfect beginners, no experience is necessary!

Watercolour Art Class Tasmania with Ruby
watercolour artwork

When I started, I had no idea what I was doing...

You can probably relate to this... when I got started with watercolour (over 10 years ago!), I had absolutely no idea what I was doing!

Now, let's rewind just a li'l bit (this is relevant I promise!)...I became a mum when I was 15 - my eldest son was born in the school holidays between grade nine and grade 10.
As you can imagine, life was hectic!

Between finishing high school, navigating parenthood, trying to maintain friendships and alllll that, I didn't have much time (or money!) for hobbies.

But, that's where watercolour comes in!

I didn't know what supplies I needed (and  that I wasn't supposed to be painting on photocopy paper, oops!).

So, when I got started with watercolour I had no idea what I was doing - I didn't know what supplies I needed (or that I wasn't supposed to be painting on photocopy paper!).


In fact, the paints I was using were $2 from the supermarket, aaaand they technically belonged to my toddler!

I didn't know what watercolour techniques there even were, so I know didn't what I needed to learn, let alone how to learn it. But, nonetheless, one day I picked up those crappy $2 paints and just had a play/dabbled with painting after my son had gone to bed.

And, it was amazing, it was a really lovely way to relax and unwind and just muck around, even though I had NO idea what I was doing.

Eventually upgraded and bought some brushes and paint for myself, and actual watercolour paper (aka not printer paper).

I spent almost every night when I wasn't studying sitting at the table with my laptop set up, watching The New Girl on DVD, just practicing and mucking around.

I'd try to reverse engineer how things were done, but looking at other people’s work, experimenting and seeing what happened! It took me, well, ages!


But, over time (with lotssss of trial and error, and some YouTube tutorials/library books to help along the way) I improved, and even (somehow!?) started teaching watercolour to people just like you!

 WHY am I telling you this?!

I got started because I wanted something just for me, to help me unwind and relax - and now I'm helping you do the same!


Do you wanna learn watercolour, but one (or more) of these thoughts have held you back?!

- you're scared you won't be good at painting

- you don't think you're creative (e.g. you can't even draw a stick figure!)

- you've never tried it before (or, not since school) and you have no idea where to start

Think of me as your Watercolour Fairy Godmother!

Well, I'm here to help!

Watercolour doesn't have to be scary and intimidating - even if you've NEVER tried it before - I make it really easy and simple (I even encourage you to be messy!).

By the end of this course you'll be able to:

  • paint watercolour leaves and flowers with confidence, and,

  • you'll have a creative hobby to help you relax and unwind and do something just for YOU!

But really, the fact you'll know how to paint beautiful watercolour pieces (that you can frame and hang on the wall!) is almost just an added bonus!!!




Because the process of playing and experimenting with watercolour is a huge win in itself, and an incredible way to recharge and unwind.

Use coupon code WCFAIRYGODMOTHER to access this online course for...

JUST $12!!!
(valued at $112AUD)

Bite-sized videos to get you started with watercolour fast
(even if you don’t think you’re creative!)