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watercolour paper
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Do you wanna learn watercolour, but one (or more) of these thoughts have held you back?!

- you're scared you won't be good at painting

- you don't think you're creative (e.g. you can't even draw a stick figure!)

- you've never tried it before (or, not since school) and you have no idea where to start

Think of me as your Watercolour Fairy Godmother!

Well, I'm here to help!

Watercolour doesn't have to be scary and intimidating - even if you've NEVER tried it before - I make it really easy and simple (I even encourage you to be messy!).

By the end of this course you'll be able to:

  • paint watercolour leaves and flowers with confidence, and,

  • you'll have a creative hobby to help you relax and unwind and do something just for YOU!

But really, the fact you'll know how to paint beautiful watercolour pieces (that you can frame and hang on the wall!) is almost just an added bonus!!!




Because the process of playing and experimenting with watercolour is a huge win in itself, and an incredible way to recharge and unwind.

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Bite-sized videos to get you started with watercolour (fast!) - only $112!

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"This course is a great place to start...

We loved the close ups, as a beginner this is super appreciated, being able to see it right up close from varied angles is such a bonus!"

- Lil + Tonia

"After completing this course I’m so much more confident with watercolour. I know how to set up my area, activate my paints, how much water to use (or how to work out how much to use) and
I know I can have a go without worrying I’ll mess it up!

- Nicola

Nice Words!

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What you'll learn!

This course is full of bite-sized lessons to get you started with watercolour FAST! 

Here are just some of the things you'll learn:

- all about the materials you need to get started with watercolour
- how you can set up your space ready for painting
- how to lighten your colours

- what to expect when you add wet paint to a wet page

- my favourite brushstrokes

- how to paint leaves and flowers!

What's the investment?

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This course is jam-packed full of all the things I WISH I knew when I got started at my kitchen table with my kid's art supplies!


Learn from all of my trial and error, mishaps and successes - and best of all you can learn from home at your own pace.

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Bite-sized videos to get you started with watercolour (fast!) - only $112!

Even if you're not confident that you'll be any 'good', or you think you're gonna 'suck', I dare you to just give it a go...because guess what?! I didn't think I could do it either!!! 


And, I got started at my kitchen table with $2 supermarket paints, on my own, and just had a play and had a go! 


The hardest part, and this really isn't an exaggeration, is often just getting STARTED!!!


Especially if you've been thinking about it for a while, and you follow heaps of artists on social media, and your Pinterest boards are full of art pins - it's likely you're going to feel nervous to start.


Sometimes, the more we think about how much we want to do a thing, and how good we want to be at it, the more frozen we become - unable to start and just *stuck* in our own heads about it. 


That's why I talk about and teach (in addition to the basics to get you started) about mindset, to help you get OUT of your head, and just get STARTED!


Because once you start, you're not gonna want to stop!

watercolour paper

This course includes a copy of my eBook 'Watercolour for Beginners'!


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Who is this for?!

This course is for anyone who can answer yes to any/all of the below. 


You wanna do something creative (just for YOU) + you wanna give watercolour a try but:

- you've never painted before
(or, not since you were a kid!)
- you don't know where to start?!
- you're a COMPLETE beginner

- orrrr, maybe you've tried watercolour before but didn't feel like it 'clicked'

- you're not sure if you're even creative?!

- you're worried you'll 'suck'

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"Our favourite part/s of the course were the easy step by step instructions, loads of close ups and repeat brushstroke action from different angles."

- Lil + Tonia
(painting pals!)

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Full disclosure: I'm not gonna be talking about ‘proper technique’! 


Instead we'll be focussing on finding what works for you.

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As a self-taught artist I've spent 
many years + lots of trial and error
learning to paint.


And now I'm gonna
share what I've learnt with you!

This will save you time (+ lots of my error, ha) so you can gain confidence and jump straight into painting!

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Watercolour paper (1).png

Hey there! I'm Tess, a self-taught watercolour artist all about making watercolour fun and easy, so you can paint with confidence (even if you don’t think you can paint!).

If you’re nervous to start, you might just need some encouragement and a little bit of guidance to help you get on your way - which is where I come in.

My job is to help you gain confidence with watercolour, so you can get started quickly and easily, and most importantly have fun along the way!

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Who's running this thing?!

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What if I can’t keep up? 

Firstly, this course is designed so you can complete it at your own pace - there’s no rush! Wanna chip away at it when the kids are asleep at night? That’s awesome! Wanna smash it out in an afternoon? That’s great too! 

What supplies do I need?

This is covered in the course, but don't worry -  you don't need anything fancy! 

I can’t draw a stick figure - is this course for me?!

Heck yeah, this course is for YOU! There are no stick figures in this course at all so don't stress about that. I’m gonna give you all the tools you need so you can paint with confidence!

How long do I have access to the course?

You’ll have access to this course for as long as it’s available on my website (it’s not going anywhere soon!), so you can log in and work through the material at your own pace, yay!

What level is the course suitable for?

If you’re an absolute beginner, this course is for YOU!

Can I exhibit or sell work created during the course?

If you’ve created artwork that is unique and not strikingly similar/a copy of the artwork demonstrated in this course, then by all means - go for it! If in doubt, get in touch with me and we can chat about it.

What is the refund policy?

Once you are registered and enrolled in the course I am unable to offer refunds. If you’ve got any questions, please feel free to get in touch before enrolling! Get in touch via:

Is high speed internet access necessary?

Yes, you’ll need sufficient internet access because the majority of course content is video. 

Watercolour Paper Frame (4).png



"I think this amount of content is just right. Any more content might be overwhelming.

It’s good to do this course and practice a lot to really get the feel of how the paints work on paper and what works for you."

- Nicola

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Watercolour Paper Frame (4).png

As someone who is chronically busy and overwhelmed, I know what it's like when you don't do stuff that fills your cup.


You know, stuff that's *just for you*, for no reason other than it's fun and relaxing?!

I get grumpy/snappy, and also just lack pep in my step, you know? 


Are you the same?! I know for sure, I'm not alone in this.

AND, I know how good it feels when you just do something fun/relaxing/creative - it's refreshing and energizing!


That's what I love about watercolour painting - it's something I can pick up regularly (TBH, I don't do this as regularly as I'd like though) - I can chuck my supplies on the kitchen table and start painting straight away.


There's nothing complicated about setting it up and packing it away, and I can even do it while I watch Netflix in the background.


Watercolour painting doesn't have to cost a fortune either, you can get supplies from a range of places for a low cost (or you can just use those watercolour paints in the back of your kid's craft cupboard!).


And, you can easily pop the supplies away again when you're done/your toddler wakes from their nap/it's time to go to bed because you've stayed up so late painting!

Let's fill your cup
(metaphorically and literally!)

watercolour paper

PLUS, this course includes a copy of my eBook 'Watercolour for Beginners'!


Watercolour paper (2).png

Bite-sized videos to get you started with watercolour (fast!) - only $112!


"My favourite part of this course was learning to paint leaves and flowers from different angles.
They are all simple and achievable concepts once you know how to approach them and it makes you look at real leaves and flowers with a view as to how you would paint them.


I also really liked learning how you don’t need to be able to draw to paint!"

- Nicola

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Watercolour Paper Frame (5).png
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Learn watercolour without the overwhelm of working out where to even start - let me teach you what and how to paint!

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