Who's running this thing?


If you're interested in learning watercolour paintingrelaxing and taking time out for yourself (um, who isn't right?!) then you're in the right place!


With ten years of watercolour painting under my belt (gulp!) AND a social work degree (also gulp! And, a story for another time...) my watercolour workshops, online courses and art kits are all designed to make watercolour easy and relaxing - even if you reckon you 'aren't creative' or you 'can't draw'!


Orrr maybe you're after some stunning custom artwork to give as a thoughtful and super personal gift to a loved one (or to yourself???) or - one of my fav things ever - custom wedding invitations? Let's tell your love story through custom watercolour artwork - swooooon! 

If you've got an idea, get in touch and we can work together to bring your vision to life, yippee!

Tess xo


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Juuuuust letting you know that my normal* business hours are Monday to Wednesday, 9am - 2.30pm and I try  to reply within 48 (business) hours, so you’ll hear back from me really soon - but don't be alarmed if it takes me a while!

*when my kids aren't sick, which is (literally) every second week, yikes!!!