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Watercolour for Beginners: apple and pear tutorial

Today let's paint watercolour apples and pears in lovely loose watercolour.

Grab your inspiration/fruit/snack and let’s get painting!

In this tutorial we will be using various watercolour brushstrokes, as well as 'wet into wet technique' and 'wet on dry technique'. This is an excellent beginner watercolour tutorial, plus you’ll be painting the cutest fruit in no time!

For this beginner watercolour tutorial you will need various watercolour materials, including watercolour paints, watercolour brush/es, watercolour paper, two jars of water and some paper towel or a cloth.

If you’re new to watercolour painting, check out my free watercolour supplies guide below - PLUS you’ll receive weekly tips, tricks and inspiration (nothing spammy I promise!)


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