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Watercolour painting for relaxation

Life can be stressful, and sometimes it's really hard to unwind. As an anxious person, mum and small biz owner I 100% get it - life can be HECTIC.

During the day I spend the whole time looking forward to the evening when I can paint and relax - then evening comes around and all I wanna do is eat Tim Tams on the couch and watch Gilmore Girls for the third time. As if I can be bothered actually painting something?!

But, I am trying to actively make time to create and paint just for fun, to relax and unwind.

Easier said than done, right?

But, I have some key tips to help you chill out with watercolour, even when you can’t be bothered!

Also, I have a free guide that you can access here if you need help getting started with watercolour materials.

1. Set a timer, but don’t set expectations

As in, perhaps set a timer for 30 mins, and try to just paint for that time - don’t do anything else, i.e. no tidying, no cooking, no emails! But, don’t set any expectations, like expecting yourself to sit down and paint the perfect piece (spoiler alert: perfect doesn’t exist anyway) - you don’t even need to paint an actual THING.

If you’re lacking inspiration, which is very normal - don’t stress, it’ll come. For now, just start with some dots, or some lines, or write your name with paint. Fill a page or two with this for your set amount of time, keep it simple and enjoy the process!

2. Put on your favourite music, or a podcast, or even Gilmore Girls

Seriously, make a cuppa, chuck on some bangers - or not if you prefer silence. Perhaps even put your phone in another room to avoid distraction - scrolling Pinterest for inspiration doesn’t actually count BTW if you end up spending half an hour pinning other people’s art instead of actually doing some painting!

3. Just give it a try

What I mean is, grab your supplies (dunno what supplies? Check out my free guide here), sit down and just paint something. I KNOW it can be hard to find motivation, especially when you are really, really tired. But, being creative can help you feel energised and relaxed.

If you aren’t feelin’ it the first time you give it a go, that’s fine too - try again another day. It’s not about putting pressure on yourself, but rather giving yourself the space and time to be creative and express yourself!

If you have any tips for relaxing with watercolour, pretty please share in the comments to tell me, anything that makes my life easier is a win, and I know other folks will appreciate it too.

Tess xo


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