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So what's been happening over here? Let me tell you!

Things have been busy, busy, busy here at Ruby Tuesday Art. I've been hosting workshops (already eight this year!) baking cookies (head to my Instagram to see them: @rubyutesdayart) and designing wedding stationery, just to name a few!

Spring Workshop, Deloraine

In September I facilitated another workshop at the lovely Found in Earth, hosted by Caz. We were surrounded by the most wonderful poppies which we used as inspiration for our paintings! This was, as always, a beautiful workshop in a relaxing space, with delicious platters for us to nibble on, and the flow of hot drinks never ended! Found in Earth is an absolute sanctuary, you can’t help but feel relaxed when you leave.

Strahan Workshop

If you watch my Instagram Stories you’ll know that I took my family to the West Coast during the school holidays for an awesome little holiday, and most importantly, a workshop at The Coffee Shack in Strahan! If you haven’t visited, I highly recommend - Tahlia and Mikaela have created the most chilled out cafe you could ever visit, with delicious coffee and amazing snacks.

During our workshop we explored the foundations of watercolour painting, sipped pink wine, and nibbled on cheeses and scrumptious sweets (can you tell my workshops are just as much about the food as they are about painting?!).


Wedding Stationery

Black and white inky orchids, textured paper and elegant fonts. This is one of my favorite suites so far. This invitation is accompanied by a wedding map and an information page FULL of details about the reception, ceremony, wedding bus, and even a wine tour held in the days before the wedding.

Do you have a wedding coming up? Get in touch today for a free quote:

Tess xo

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