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Learn Watercolour Online Course with Ruby Tuesday Art



Calling all Aussie flora lovers!


This online course is perfect for Australian flora lovers and anyone wanting to dabble with watercolour!

Grab a cuppa, your art supplies and get painting!


This workshop is perfect for watercolour newbies or anyone with a little watercolour experience under their belt. For anyone completely new to watercolour, I’ve popped in links to a few extra helpful tutorials to get you started.


You'll be guided through painting a range of Australian gum leaves, flowers and more, and putting them together in an amazing wreath, which you can use on cards, gift to a loved one or simply hang on your wall!

Watercolour Australian Floral Wreath Online Course


This online course is available for just $100AUD and includes lessons on painting a range of simple watercolour Australian flora and foliage (including gum leaves, gum nuts, flowering gum and more!) PLUS how to put this all together in a stunning floral wreath.

Paint along at your own pace, and re-watch as many times as you like!

PLUS, I've included a baking video/tutorial (featuring my husband Will, the cook in our house!) so you can enjoy a slice of cake while you paint (just like at my in-person workshops!).


I have done a number of Ruby Tuesday Art workshops face to face and loved them. The online courses are just as wonderful. I've come away feeling confident in my skills to explore painting with watercolour further. I love the fact that Tess makes you feel so comfortable as you're learning. Her authenticity and desire to support you learn, relax and look after you as part of the course is an element that makes her courses stand out 💕

- Donelle

What You'll Learn!

Learn to Paint Australian Flora

This course will guide you through painting a range of beautiful (yet simple!!) Australian leaves, flowers and more.

Watercolour Flowering Gum Tutorial Ruby Tuesday Art.jpg

Create Your Own Wreath!

At the end of the course, we will be bringing together all that you've learnt in the previous lessons, to create your very own Australian Floral Wreath with watercolour!



If I can do this, anyone can do it, no special skills needed because Tess talks you through the process of painting a native floral wreath. Having the course in bite size pieces makes it so do-able: easy to stop and go back and really take your time to figure it out if you need it. Also easy to come back to if you don't get much uninterrupted time (ahem!). You never know what you can do until you sit and do it and Tess is a great teacher and cheerleader.

- Alyson


Never painted before? No worries!

This course is absolutely fine for beginners - in fact, within the course I have provided links to useful (free!) tutorials to help you with some of the techniques, and I've also got a beginners course (for just $12!!! Normally $112, click here to check it out!)


What supplies do I need?

If you're not sure what materials you need I actually talk about this in module 1 of the course, and I also offer kits on my website as well - rest assured you don't need anything fancy though - those old watercolour paints from the back of your craft cupboard? Give ‘em a go!

If you want one of my kits, I am offering a discount to students of my online course, once you log-in you’ll get a discount code, yaaaay!


I wanna sign-up but I can’t even draw a stick figure - is this course for me?!

 Heck yeah, this course is for YOU! There are no stick figures in this course at all so don't stress about that. I’m gonna give you all the tools you need so you can paint with confidence!


I’ve signed up for courses before but lost motivation/never finished them. What if I fall off the bandwagon/can’t keep up? 

Firstly, this course is designed so you can complete it at your own pace - there’s no rush! Wanna chip away at it when the kids are asleep at night? That’s awesome! Wanna smash it out in an afternoon? That’s great too!

I’ll also be sending you emails along the way to make sure you keep motivated, and also offer extra tips and support.


How long do I have access to the course?

You’ll have access to this course for as long as it’s available on my website (it’s not going anywhere soon!), so you can log in and work through the material at your own pace, yay!


What level is the course suitable for?

If you’re an absolute beginner, or if you’ve dabbled in watercolour painting before but you’re looking for more confidence then this course is for YOU!


When does the course start?

This course is available as soon as you sign-up - the course is ‘ever-green’ meaning you can begin at any time and work at your own pace.


Can sell and/or exhibit work I create during the course?

If you’ve created artwork that is unique and not strikingly similar/a copy of the artwork demonstrated in this course, then by all means - go for it! If in doubt, get in touch with me and we can chat about it.


What is the refund policy?

Once you are registered and enrolled in the course I am unable to offer refunds. If you’ve got any questions, please feel free to get in touch before enrolling! Get in touch via:


Is high speed internet access necessary to complete the course?

Yes, you’ll need sufficient internet access because the majority of course content is video. 


Can I access the course on my smartphone?

The course site has been optimized for computer and mobile, however for best results I recommend accessing course content on your computer.


I started painting as another way to practice self-care & find another creative outlet. I loved painting as a child & I forgot how relaxing it was to just sit in the moment & be consumed with allowing your hands to paint a story.

100% if you want something creative, relaxing & fun, this would be it. You do not need to know how to hold a brush, or paint. Tess walks you through step-by-step so you can gain the confidence to paint amazing things!

Grateful I took the plunge and signed up! It's been the best decision this year!

- Paula

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