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Three tips for hosting a wedding as an introvert

It may surprise some people (especially because I have a YouTube channel and teach watercolour workshops!) but I am actually an introvert. I love days at home, quiet nights in, and find crowds really very exhausting.

I don’t generally enjoy hosting parties, because I am also pretty socially anxious! Can you relate to this?

I was keen on the idea of eloping, or perhaps having a tiny wedding, but my husband and I both have big families and really wanted them to be there.

So how the heck did I survive having a wedding with nearly 100 guests?!

Here are my top three tips:

1. Focus on us as a couple/being in the moment

As an anxious person myself, I know it can be easy to get stuck inside your own head - I imagine other anxious folks will know what I mean here. So, why not practice some grounding techniques throughout the day. Take a moment to notice five things you can hear, smell, or see (perhaps all three). Perhaps even some deep breathing. Whatever works for you, to calm yourself, ground yourself, and enjoy the moment you’re in.

2. Remember that everyone else is having fun

You don’t need to go and actively find everyone to mingle with them - they will find you and if they don’t, they'll be fine and they’re having a great time! I PROMISE, everyone understands that you are busy as heck at your own wedding - there are so many people to say hello to and catch up with, in between all the photos and speeches and all that. Nobody is going to be offended if you don’t make it around to them (and if they are, that’s on them, not you!).

3. Take breathers

As I mentioned above, weddings can be HECTIC (although they don’t have to be!) - so make sure you take some time to have a breather. I am pretty much just repeating tip number one here, but maybe even schedule it in?! You could allocate some time between your photos and reception for example, to just spend a moment with your spouse to just enjoy each other's company! Take a breath, enjoy the moment. Your guests will be fine.

Wedding pictures: Scott Gelston / @scottgelston


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