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Does eco-friendly wedding stationery exist?

If you’re conscious about your footprint and reducing waste, you’re likely wondering what eco-friendly wedding stationery options there are. Let me tell you!

I’m gonna be real here, and perhaps I’m shooting myself in the foot by sharing some of these (erm, online options!) but I want to be transparent and offer you ALL the options.

This is the option I didn’t want to share...I mean I did! But, as a wedding stationer who specialises in paper goods, obviously I’m not doing myself any favours.

Paperless Post, as the name suggests, is a way for you to send invitations without sending any paper - instead it’s done entirely online.

Eco Friendly Printing and Paper

If you’re still after paper wedding stationery, because you want your guests to be able to physically hold and touch your invitations, don’t worry - there are lots of eco friendly paper types available.

Examples included paper that is created from post-consumer recycled materials.

Handmade Paper

Have you seen wedding invitations printed on paper with that lovely hand-torn/deckled edge look? That was likely handmade paper!

I offer handmade paper made from 100% recycled cotton rag, with most printing options available on this paper! Handmade paper also has a lovely texture and is absolutely glorious to touch.

Online RSVP

If you’re still after paper invitations, buuuut you don’t want the added carbon miles (and paper) of guests posting their RSVPs, you can always opt for a wedding website for RSVPs, or simply provide guests with your email address.

Added bonus, this also makes RSVPs easier to collate!

Quality to guarantee they’re timeless and kept forever

This one is specific to my wedding stationery, but I would hope it’s the same for other customer wedding stationers. I ensure that my artwork and designs are absolutely stunning and of the highest quality, to ensure your guests receive the most beautiful invitations they’ve ever seen!

This is about more than cosmetics...I want your guests to treasure and keep your wedding invitations forever. They’re designed to be heirlooms, to be framed and kept forever, as a tangible memory of your wedding day. I design wedding stationery to be kept for years and years to come, not to end up in the bin.

I also offer assembly and postage, which means your invitations can be posted directly to guests, rather than to you and then your guests, which reduces their carbon miles.

So what should you choose?

Ok this is tricky, because it is COMPLETELY up to you - but make sure you do what suits you, and your values - trust your gut.

ALSO, my guess is, if you read this post you must be thinking about wedding invitations, right?!

I've put together a free guide explaining commonly used stationery design terms and jargon - grab it below!


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