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P.s. have you heard about my ($12!) beginners course to get you started
(and confident!) with watercolour - fast!

Watercolour doesn't have to be scary and intimidating - even if you've NEVER tried it before - I make it really easy and simple (I even encourage you to be messy!). This course is for absolute beginners!

By the end of this course you'll be able to:

  • paint watercolour leaves and flowers with confidence, and,

  • you'll have a creative hobby to help you relax and unwind and do something just for YOU!

But really, the fact you'll know how to paint beautiful watercolour pieces (that you can frame and hang on the wall!) is almost just an added bonus!!!




Because the process of playing and experimenting with watercolour is a huge win in itself, and an incredible way to recharge and unwind.

This online course is valued at $112,  use coupon code WCFAIRYGODMOTHER​ to get access for just $12AUD!

Watercolour Splotch-10.png
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