This listing includes ONE pet portrait in A4. For multiple pets, please order two pet portraits. 


All pet portraits will done as an A4 original painting with white background in my signature pet portrait style (see photograph). 


Once your pet portrait is purchased, you will be emailed a photo uploader where you can add your pet's photos, select your banner color and tell me your pets name (if applicable). Please see below for photo guidelines.


Pet portraits can be upgraded as an optional extra to include a hand-lettered name banner.


The turnaround time is 4-5 weeks. If you need your portrait by a specific date (e.g. as a gift) please email me at


Got questions? Get in touch with me at

Custom Watercolour Pet Portrait

Would you like a name banner?
  • Pet Portrait Photo Guidelines

    A well-taken reference photo crucial for me to create a painting that perfectly captures your pet's likeness. Here are a few helpful tips when it comes to selecting your pet's reference photo. (Feel free to send over multiple pics, I can help you decide which one is best!)

    1. Take the photo from your pet's eyehight. Try and take your photo from at your pet's level, rather than from above - also pets with with longer noses/snouts such as horses and some dogs, tend to look best if they are not quite facing you straight on, but are instead angled around 45 degrees.

    2. High-quality photos are essential. Phone photos are fine, but please be sure to you send me the actual photo and not a screenshot. Low-quality, fuzzy or pixelated photos mean I can't get as much of the fine detail, so please make sure the photo is clear! This allows me to easily zoom in and capture all the teeny weeny details, especially when it comes to your pet's face.

    3. Soft natural lighting. A clear, well-lit photo taken in good light (outside in the shade works well or near a window) allows me to see colouring and other details easily. Photos taken in a dark room or at night, or with a flash do not give an accurate shot of colours etc.

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