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Um...what even is self-care?

Self-care...I simultaneously feel like this phrase is over-used, but I also don’t exactly know what it means?!

I mean, to ME it’s looking after myself in the literal sense, remembering to rest, making sure I get up and move every 30minutes when I am working, asking for help when I need it, and remembering to take my antidepressants (which btw I realised as I typed this I had NOT taken today).

Self-care doesn’t necessarily have to cost a thing. It can be a walk by yourself listening to a podcast, eating a healthy meal, or maybe eating a NOT healthy meal. It can be whatever you bloody WANT it to be. I think at the crux of it though, it’s doing SOMETHING for you.

As a parent I also think self-care involves being alone, ha! As in, time-out from my kids, to refresh and re-energise.

Even though my work is technically painting, sometimes self-care for me is taking the time to paint something for MYSELF, just for fun, no pressure. Creating *something*.

Recently I went to a workshop to learn calligraphy and chalkboard art (thank you again @marleyandlockyer!) and it was amaaaazing to take some time out for myself, learn something new, eat snacks and even meet some new people!

As I type I think I realised I have two kinds of self-care:

1. The free-every-day kinds, e.g. a walk around the block, a hot cup of tea, reading a book before bed, and gardening.


2. The extra special treat-yo-self kind of self-care, e.g. a trip to the movies on my own, attending a creative workshop - hosted by someone other than me for once! - a solo coffee date or a massage.

It’s also kind of funny that my own workshops, even though again they’re work for me, they’re also another kind of self-care for me - once I get over the initial anxiety and nervousness that STILL comes over me every time! I find them so enjoyable because they’re always somewhere super chill (that’s the point!) and relaxed, with yummy food and cups of tea and good company.

What does self-care look like for you? What are your free-every-day kinds of self-care? And have you ever treated yourself to a fancy-extra-special-possibly-costs-money type of self care?!

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