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Watercolour for Beginners: Tips for painting watercolour leaves

Sometimes when you’re painting watercolour leaves, painting on a certain angle is just really hard! This happens to me all. the. time.

Never fear though, I have some simple tips to make painting watercolour leaves EASY!

3 Tips for Watercolour Leaves:

  1. Rotate your page/turn your paper around when you get to the more difficult bits (so you end up painting in a way that still feels easy for your hand/wrist, rather than twisting your hand around to paint in a way that feels awkward)

  2. Try painting the tricky leaves from the outside of the stem, in towards the stem, e.g. I usually start my leaves from the middle of the stem, and paint them outwards

  3. Change your position! Sometimes your posture can make painting difficult - make sure you’re not slouching, sit up straight and take a deep breath (sounds silly, but it helps you loosen up and relax!)

If you’re new to watercolour painting, check out my free watercolour supplies guide below - PLUS you’ll receive weekly tips, tricks and inspiration (nothing spammy I promise!)


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