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Watercolour for Beginners: 3 tips for getting enough water in your palette

Sometimes when you’re learning to paint with watercolour, it’s the little things that can trip you up.

One question I get a lot is how to get enough water into your palette for colour mixing?

I am often asked this question at my in-person workshops, and in my Facebook group for my online course students - so I’ve made a mini watercolour tutorial to help you get enough water in your palette for mixing watercolour paint.

The main reason it can take a LONG time to get enough water into your palette is if you’re using a small watercolour brush. The smaller the paintbrush, the less water it can hold, which means that a tiny paintbrush = a tiny amount of water.

Three tips:

  1. Use a big brush to transport the water from your water jar to your palette, you don’t have to use the same brush you’re painting with!

  2. Use a syringe to transport the water (you might have one handy from an old baby paracetamol box! Just make sure it’s clean and not sticky).

  3. Use a (clean!) eye-dropper!

This is actually one of my mini-tutorials shared in my exclusive Facebook group for students of my in-person workshops AND my Learn Watercolour Online Course.

If you’re new to watercolour painting, check out my free watercolour supplies guide below!


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