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Ultimate guide to wedding stationery terminology and jargon!

I understand that the terminology used by wedding vendors can be overwhelming at best, so I've put together a free glossary of wedding stationery terms to make your wedding planning process just that bit easier.

Here are a few of the key terms used by myself and other wedding invitation designers - make sure you download the free glossary for more useful terminology to help you navigate your wedding stationery design process (yippee!).


The process of putting your invitation suite together, e.g. placing cards into their envelopes, adhering wax seals, wrapping and tying silk ribbons and so on

Deckled Edge

Refers to the torn-edge look found on some papers, particularly hand-made paper

Foil Printing

Metal plate impression using metallic foil - best for creating shine and luxurious finish, and can be added with flat printing or letterpress


Metal plate impression creating deep texture, best for suites with one or two colours and can be added with flat/digital printing


The document where designer brings their ideas and vision to you, and is generally paired with a phone or email consultation to answer any questions or queries you may have


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