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Attention: anyone planning a wedding right now!⠀

Have you heard about The Virtual Wedding Fair?

If not, check. them. OUT. I'm gonna 'be there' AND offering a very exclusive VIP deal to anyone who books through the fair.

Um, amazing right?⠀

Wanna know the maaaain reason I'm excited tho?

It's all online, an introvert's dream come true!!!⠀

You'll be able to chat with me over the weekend as well as see other amaaaazing vendors showcasing their work.

You could honestly plan and book all your vendors in one weekend, from your couch, in PJs, sipping wine and/or tea.

I wish this was a thing way back when we got engaged (in 2015! I feel so old right now!!).⠀

Can't wait to 'see' ya there xox⠀


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