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Self-care while wedding planning - my tips!

Ok, so planning a wedding definitely shouldn’t be stressful - but often, for one reason or another, it is. 

Even if you’ve got a wedding planner on board things can still be stressful, trying to nail down your guest list, work out if you want kids to come or not (and if you don’t, how the heck to tell people!).

I get it, it’s a whole thing, I’ve been there.

That’s why I’ve put together this resource so you can make sure you’re taking care of yourself and your partner, and remembering WHY you are even doing this thing in the first place (because you’re in love!!!).

Tip 1 - Remember your why

Speaking both from experience, and as someone working in the wedding industry, here are my top three tips for keeping things as chilled out and fun as possible while planning your wedding - yes, it’s meant to be FUN!

What I mean is, take a second to remember why you’re doing this, why you’re getting married, what you love about each other and want to celebrate one another.

As ridiculous as this sounds, sometimes you can get swept up in the madness of planning and organising logistics and lose sight of the purpose of this whole thing. Perhaps even take a moment with your partner to sit down and write these things down, pop them on the fridge, and check-in with them regularly.

This can help you to ground yourself and remember what this is all about, and help you let go of the things that don’t really matter that much as well.

Tip 2 - Go on a date!

This might even help you with my first tip - spending some time together as a couple, just you two (if you have kids, maybe enlist a babysitter for the day if you can!) and do something you both enjoy! Perhaps even leave your phones in the car, or turn them on silent for a while - spend the time actually with each other. I know this can be hard, we all have commitments, life is busy, there are lots of demands.

But do what you can, even if it’s a date night at home with some wine, delicious take away (no cleaning up, yay!) and a movie you will both enjoy.

The point is, make time to be together as a couple, and if you can, avoid talking about wedding planning while you’re on your date - or if you do, chat about the why (mentioned above), not about the planning and logistics.

Wanna hear the rest of my tips? Download my FREE Self-Care While Wedding Planning Guide here!


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