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The pros and cons of custom wedding stationery

Obviously I'm totally biased, buuut I am going to share the pros and cons of custom wedding invitations, because if you’re getting married any time soon I imagine you’ll want to invite some people, right?!

The invitation is the first look your guests will get of your wedding day with custom wedding stationery you’re giving them a sneak peek to get them excited for your big day!

When I’m talking about custom wedding invitations, I’m referring to fully custom wedding stationery designed specifically for you by a wedding stationer (such as myself!).

I’m referring to high-end wedding invitations with custom artwork and design, where you work one-on-one with the designer to get exactly what you’re after - I’m not talking about semi-custom invitations (where you choose from a collection of invitation designs, and then change certain elements of the design).

The Pros

Stunning, unique artwork

The point of working with a custom wedding stationery designer is to ensure you receive absolutely beautiful, fully custom wedding invitations that reflect you and your love story - swoon!

Stationery designers have experience in selecting fonts, colours and graphics, an eye for details and a finger on the pulse of current wedding trends. They also know all about setting up files for print, selecting paper types and all that good (and often overwhelming!) stuff.


This ties into the above point, but custom wedding invitations are by their very nature beautiful, unique and timeless heirlooms you and your guests will treasure forever - they’ll be kept and even framed as a tangible reminder of your special day.


When you work with a custom wedding stationer such as myself you should be provided with a custom wedding stationery contract that will guarantee quality invitations and a professional process.

Stress-free process

When you’re working with a professional wedding stationery designer you know you’re in safe hands, as I mentioned you’ll be given an agreement outlining the process and timelines etc (if you’re not given a contract/agreement, that’s a massive red flag by the way!) - so you know what to expect and when.

Avoid lackluster stationery

By working with a professional you are avoiding disappointment and the embarrassment of sending out poor quality invitations that will end up in the bin.

The Cons


Custom wedding stationery is expensive, but you’re getting so much value! If you’re planning a budget/DIY wedding though, custom wedding stationery might not be for you.

Other Considerations!

When you invest in custom wedding stationery you’re investing in so much more than simply paper, you’re investing in timeless heirlooms to be treasured forever.

Regardless of whether you're working with a custom wedding stationer or you decide to go down the DIY wedding invitation route, you're going to want an understanding of all the wedding stationery terminology and jargon.

I've created a free guide/glossary where I've defined the common wedding stationery terms used by wedding paper designers - grab it below!


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