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How to paint a watercolour fern leaf (Episode 1 of 2)

This tutorial was filmed in Derby, Tasmania (known for it's ah-mazing mountain Blue Derby mountain bike trails, and pizza!).

In this tutorial we are painting a lovely watercolour FERN LEAF! This is the first tutorial in a two part series allll about watercolour fern leaves, painting two different ways.

In this tutorial we will be using various watercolour brushstrokes, as well as 'wet into wet technique' and 'wet on dry technique'. This is an excellent beginner watercolour tutorial, and I have other tutorials available to help with the watercolour techniques mentioned above!

Watercolour painting is a fun and relaxing way to get creative and express yourself. You can use any watercolour materials you have at home, or you can check out my free watercolour materials guide, found below.


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