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How to paint leaves using my Watercolour for Beginners Kit

Wanna learn to paint watercolour leaves? This easy, step-by-step tutorial is for you - grab your paints, a brush and let's get painting!

This is one of the many awesome activities in my booklet, Watercolour for Beginners, which comes in my lovely watercolour kits (click here to see) - you'll be using some simple watercolour brushstrokes to create amazing, beautiful leaves.

Regardless of whether you’re after a kit or you already have supplies, this is an awesome tutorial to get you painting beautiful watercolour leaves!

And, after many years of trial and error with different watercolour paints, brushes and more (plus teaching workshops where I trialled a range of other supplies) I've curated beginner watercolour kits full of amazing supplies!!

Plus, you get to see my VERY OWN art supplies that I started with ten years ago (and still often use to this day !!).


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