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Tips for mixing watercolour paint

Do you ever try and mix a colour with your watercolour paints, but it takes sooooo bloody long just to get enough water into your palette?

Like, you’re using your brush to transport the water from the water jar to your palette, and you feel like your ARM WILL FALL OFF because you’re goin’ back and forth so much?

This is especially frustrating when you’re trying to mix a lot of a certain colour with watercolour, so you need lots of water to mix with.

I get it...I really do.

THANKFULLY I have a few solutions for you, that I’ve worked out along the way, through my own time painting (erm, a decade, yikes!) and now teaching students!

My tips are:

  1. Use a bigger brush for transporting water

  2. Use an eye dropper or syringe

Check out this video tutorial for a more in-depth demonstration/explanation.

Happy painting!


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