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DIY colour chart (using my Watercolour Kits!)

TWO IN ONE! Learn how to activate your watercolour paints, plus create your very own watercolour colour chart - yippee!

The chart created in this video will give you an idea of what paints and colours are in your paint sets, so you can find them quickly and easily while painting.

You will need:

Watercolour paper

A pencil

Watercolour paint

Two jars of water

Something round for tracing (or another shape, if your palette isn’t round!)

After watercolour supplies but you've got no idea what to buy? I feel ya! That was me too!!

And, after many years of trial and error with different watercolour paints, brushes and more (plus teaching workshops where I tried a range of other supplies) I've curated beginner watercolour kits full of amazing supplies!! You can check out my kits here.

Or, if you’d rather source your own, I’ve got a FREE supplies guide, linked below:


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