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How to get started when you don't know what to paint.


Not even joking, sometimes I forget how to paint - I sit down, and I wanna paint something, but I can't seem to work out what I need to do/how to get started.

I have this fresh sheet of paper in front of me, all my materials are handy, the kids aren't pestering me., and I even have a mood board/look-book full of inspo and reference photos ready to go..but I *cannot* do it. ⠀

Ya know what I do when this happens? I push my paints to the side, grab a crappy old HB pencil, and I sketch my ideas first.

Simple right? You'd think so, but somehow I forget that this is part of my process, and it always has been! Like, for the past TEN YEARS.⠀

I know some people can just sit down and paint a masterpiece, and don't get me wrong, sometimes I sit down and just paint for the sake of painting, to relax and chill out, but what I am talking about now is when I wanna paint an ACTUAL THING.

Like, for example, painting a venue portrait or some flowers for an invitations suite, I seriously cannot free-hand that stuff.

In fact, I usually do a rough sketch in my sketchbook first, and THEN I grab my fancy paper and sketch the outline of the actual painting (hot tip: sketch LIGHTLY, it's easier to add more pencil than to try and get rid of it if there's too much).⠀

So, if you're feeling stuck with your painting, why not try grabbing that gross old pencil from the back of the kitchen drawer and sketching out your ideas on a piece of scrap paper, sometimes you just have to get your ideas out of your head before you can actually put paint to paper!


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