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Confessions of a self-taught artist

Hey there! I'm Tess, AKA Ruby Tuesday Art - and I wanna talk about something REALLY IMPORTANT!

For the longest time, I thought you needed a degree to be ‘an artist’. For the longest time, I was WRONG!

Obviously there's a heap of confidence issues and imposter syndrome under this, but I wanna let you know that you DO NOT need to go to uni to be an artist.

Here are some confessions from a self-taught (self-learned?) artist.

  • I haven’t (formally) studied art since year 11

  • I learnt with my toddler’s $2 paint set

  • I’m still not entirely sure what the difference between ‘fine art’ and ‘contemporary art’ is

  • I don’t know how to pronounce gouache

  • I’ve never properly stretched my watercolour paper (but I did buy the tape)

  • Colour theory still baffles me

  • For around five years I was too scared to try watercolour paint in a tube

  • I learnt everything I know from:

    • YouTube

    • Books

    • Most of all, trial and (lots of!) error!

Guess what?

It doesn’t matter!

What does matter is that I LOVE painting! I’ve learned so much along the way, and developed my own unique style!

And sometimes it’s even a GOOD thing! Why? Because I’ve learnt through so much trial and error, that I know what works...and what doesn’t work! I know tips and tricks and shortcuts and how to make painting easy, relaxing and FUN!

That’s what matters!

Because I want you to be able to learn to paint just like I did - at home, with a cup of tea nearby (but not too close to your paint water), while your kids nap or after work, or whenever bloody suits you!

You don’t need fancy materials or a proper studio (I don’t have a studio BTW) - you can paint at your kitchen table, with whatever supplies you have access to.

The important thing is that you give it a crack and just see what happens!!!


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