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Branding - did you know it can be fun, and YOU CAN DO IT YOURSELF?

Do you have a small biz and feel like you have NO idea where to start making it look beautiful and cohesive? Like, you know you wanna make an amazing Insta graphic or event poster but have no idea where to even START? If this is you (and I can assure you, it was me too), read on!

I recently took part in Jacqui aka White Deer Graphic Design’s (@whitedeergd’s on Insta) online course ‘DIY Design My Biz’ where I gained the knowledge, skills and confidence to do a bunch of my OWN rebranding. This was sooo much fun, and wow I learnt a LOT. This course is for all small biz owners by the way, so I’m not just talking to other artists right now, I’m talking to EVERYONE who runs a small business and wants to make their brand look more legit, whether you’re a maker, an artist, a baker or something else! She taught us to do everything I talk about using Canva, so it’s accessible for everyone!

When I talk about branding, I’m talking about so much more than just your logo - I’m talking EVERYTHING, how your brand looks in terms of the colours you use, the photos you share, and extra pretty elements you use in your graphics. It’s ALSO about your brand voice, as in how you talk to your customers online across your website, Facebook, Instagram, blog (heyo!) - ALL OF IT. So yeah, more than just a logo right?

I didn’t even know this when I signed up to Jacqui’s course, I just found myself struggling to make pretty posters for my workshops and felt like my Insta graphics were a bit boring. So, it felt like FATE when I saw Jacqui’s posts about her new course she had coming up (this is back in late 2019). It was a four week course that covered soooo much, your brand voice, how your brand looks, designing a logo, and designing graphics so everything is consistent and beautiful, and perfectly reflects YOUR brand/biz.

The process was awesome because it got me thinking all about who I’m even talking to and how I can better communicate all the things I wanna say, in a way that you’ll enjoy and find visually appealing.

I also realised I had been trying to blend in with the crowd, rather than reflecting myself, my uniqueness and how bloody FUN it is to work with me!

It’s funny, ‘cause I’m an artist I thought I had my logo down-pat, but unfortunately my logo (which was pretty bloody new, heaps of you helped me with it!) was absolutely STUNNING and beautiful, but not practical.

So, long story short, after lots of learning, trial and error (a common theme in my life and biz) and with lots of help from Jacqui and the rest of her students - there’s such a great community that comes with the course as well - I overhauled my old branding. My old branding - think sage greens, elegant fonts, and a kinda formal vibe, were replaced with bright pinks and oranges, watercolour splashes and my very own illustrated flowers and leaves - being an artist came in handy here, but it is NOT necessary, I repeat not necessary.

Now when I go to make a graphic for my biz I can jump into Canva and create an Instagram post in two minutes flat, I’ve made my own templates ready to go and I know they’re gonna look awesome every time! My brand is cohesive and looks too legit to quit.

She's running the course again, with registrations opening March 11th 2020 - click here to find out more!

PLUS! I’m giving away a set of FREE pre-made Instagram highlight cover pics for anyone who signs up via my link (link here!!!) or copy and paste:

Pricing etc. can be found on Jacqui's website. Don't forget to sign up using my link to get access to my Instagram highlights freebie!

Disclaimer: If you happen to purchase anything I recommend in this or any of my communications, it’s likely I’ll receive some kind of affiliate compensation. Still, I only recommend things that I truly believe in and have personally experienced. If you ever have an issue with anything I recommend, please let me know. My goal is to help you succeed.


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