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How I make ordering custom stationery fun AF! Also, WHAT IS DUBSADO?

I know from experience that organising a wedding is basically a full-time gig, so I am doing my bit to help make the process quicker, easier and more fun! Say GOODBYE to endless email threads, and hello to MORE TIME DOING STUFF YOU LOVE 👋🤟⠀ Have you ordered custom work from me (or another maker!) and found the whole email-thread thing kinda exhausting? I know that as a business owner, the whole thing can get kinda messy and exhausting, so I imagine for you as a client it isn’t amazing either. ⠀ BUT, things are changing over here at Ruby Tuesday Art. I’m moving all my inquiry processes into a system called Dubsado. WHAT DOES THAT MEAN THOUGH?! As a client you’re probably wondering why this matters/it sounds very boring/why should you care? ⠀ Basically, it means that if you want to order custom work from me, the whole process is super easy - you get your very own client portal where you can find all your proofs, your contract/agreement, your invoice - alllll the things, in one easy to use place. It means we can spend less time scrolling through emails, and more time making your thing, hooray for efficiency! ⠀ I’ve rolled this out for all my wedding clients, so the process of ordering wedding stationery is officially 100% fun, no stress required - and I’m nearly ready to roll it out for all other custom work soon, yippee!⠀ Wanna know more about my wedding stationery process? Head to

Tess xo

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