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Dubsado legit changed my life. Alternate title: NO MORE ENDLESS EMAIL THREADS

Any other small biz owners find themselves falling into ENDLESS email threads with clients, to the point they can’t actually find their quote, contract or their client’s phone number? As an artist and wedding stationer I have to send back-and-forward countless emails with clients to get important info, send proofs, send MORE proofs, and answer questions - its’ endless, and I am exhausted literally just from TYPING THIS SENTENCE. It’s a lot. And I doubt my clients particularly enjoy it either.

This side of things made me slowly grow to kinda resent client work - custom jobs started to bring induce a feeling of DREAD rather than joy - which is completely counterproductive considering I am an artist because I am following my dreams and passion. I didn’t sign up for that!

However, this post isn’t all doom and gloom. Since signing up with Dubsado EVERYTHING HAS CHANGED. I am not exaggerating. I swear, when I finally got my first ever workflow set up, I yelled to my husband ‘THIS IS A GAME CHANGER’ - he’s an emergency nurse so TBH he didn’t share my enthusiasm, but I had to tell someone?!

Basically, Dubsado means that all of my client interactions happen in one easy to use (and beautiful) place - every client has their very own portal where their contracts are easy to sign and find, proofs can be sent through here, and all communication is streamlined. I can even send questionnaires and canned emails that autofill with the client’s specific details and job info. This saves me SO MUCH TIME. I can finally stop scrolling through email threads and just get down to creating stunning watercolour wedding invitations, which was the whole point of starting my own business. Plus, I now feel too legit to quit!

Tess xo

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