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What it's like to attend one of my watercolour workshops?

Have you been thinking of attending one of my watercolour workshops? Perhaps you’re not quite sure what they entail? Well! Let me paint you a picture (pun very much intended…).

Firstly, it is absolutely essential that I choose a venue with the right vibe. If it’s not a relaxed and chilled-out vibe, it’s not for me. I also look for locations with an interesting style and atmosphere - and plenty of light of course too, so we can actually see what we are doing!

An example is one of my regular venues, florist, gift shop and cafe: Found in Earth, Deloraine - run by the lovely Caz. Honestly, this place is like an oasis. As soon as you step inside, you’re enveloped with the smell of fresh flowers, surrounded by incredible homewares and lush plants - and this is just the shop downstairs! Head upstairs and you’re transported to real-life paradise! Words can’t quite describe it, so just check out these pics by my friend Billy (@billy.lesliewilson on Insta). Natural light. A huge, airy space. Quirky furniture. Exposed beams. Flowers. LOTS of flowers. You honestly can’t help but feel relaxed up there - and that’s saying something coming from me, a verrrry anxious person!

Oh, and I haven’t even mentioned the food yet - I always host my workshops at locations that serve luscious food, and delicious beverages, whether it be tea, coffee or a glass of bubbly!

So, I’ve set the scene, and the snacks - but what’s it actually like to be there?

When you rock up, you’re greeted by my friendly and definitely not-scary face, we take your drinks order and you pick a seat wherever you feel comfortable. There will be lots of spaces to choose from around the workshop table, all set-up with the materials you need for the class (paper, paints, water jars, welcome booklet and more!). You get your very own booklet with all of the activities we do in class, as well as hints and tips so you can keep painting at home.

My workshop sizes are small and intimate, so you won’t feel overwhelmed with noise and lots of people. Often people come to my workshops on their own for some ‘me’ time, or others prefer to bring a friend or family member as a great way to catch-up and do something fun!

Once everyone is settled, I introduce myself and the topic of the day - watercolour painting of course! A fun-fact I always like to share: I’m self-taught, no formal training whatsoever. I share this because I like to remind everyone that you don’t need training to be an artist, just some encouragement, guidance and perhaps some pointers along the way. Art is for everyone!!! I do have one rule in my classes: no negative self-talk. My classes are a judgement free zone - there is no such thing as the ‘wrong’ way of doing something. While I do teach the fundamentals of watercolour, I am all about supporting you to paint and relax in a way you feel comfortable, not critiquing your techniques. It’s about having FUN (and delicious snacks of course).

From here we do some hands-on learning where you get the basic techniques of watercolour painting, we spend a bit of time doing this, eating snacks, laughing at me dropping my paintbrush (every. single. time.). Then, you’re free to paint as you please! You’re equipped with the tools and knowledge, as well as a bunch of inspiration, and I’m there to ask allllll the questions.

When you leave my workshop you’ll be feeling simultaneously relaxed and invigorated, and ready to keep creating once you get home. There’s nothing quite like spending a whole afternoon painting, chatting, snacking and definitely laughing!

I have a range of workshops on offer for the first part of 2020, all across Tasmania! And I’ll be adding more to my website as the year goes on. I can’t wait to see you there and get painting!

Tess xo

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