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5 Things You (probably) Didn't Know About Me

I have been wanting to do a proper Meet the Maker post for a while, to introduce myself to all my new followers who have joined me in the past few months. I will be honest, the main thing stopping me has been a lack of equally professional-yet-cute photos of myself available. Thankfully, I remembered to get Will to take a pic of me as we were leaving a wedding yesterday!

1. My big kid Oskar was born a few weeks before I started year 10 (yep!!) - shout out to my parents for helping me INFINITELY to finish school and raise a great kiddo.I lived with them until Oskar turned 5 and started kinder, when I then moved literally one street away. I now have two kids, you all know baby Freddy who features in my milestone cards pics!

2. My degree is in social work - nothing to do with art! 3. I read comic books! It’s taken my husband, Will, 7 years to convince me to start, but now I can’t stop! My favourite comic book character is Patsy Walker, AKA Hellcat. 4. I started drawing and making art when I was a kid, I even won the primary school art award when I was 12 (how cute, right?). However, I have been hesitant to call myself an artist because I haven’t studied art at university - then I realised that anyone can be an artist - art is meant to be accessible and for everyone! 5. My family have lived in Tassie since I was one (nearly 25 years ago), we moved here from Perth, WA. I loooove going back there to see family and enjoy the stunning beaches and drink cider in Freo - but I do love living in Tasmania. The landscape is so diverse and interesting, we can drive an hour in one direction and hit the beach, or an hour another direction and find ourselves on top of a mountain in the snow. What else would you like to know? Share something about yourself with me! I love getting to know my online pals - we are more than just the photos we share. Thanks so much for your ongoing support! Love, Tess xox

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