Do you run a small biz and your branding is a bit lacklustre?

Like, you never know what fonts to use, not sure how to create cute Insta graphics, or maybe you wanna make an awesome email signature but you have no idea WTF you’re doing?


WELL,  I’m gonna let you in on a not-so-secret-secret about my branding....I didn't hire a designer! I didn’t even use fancy programs, I used Canva!!! How though?! I took part in an AMAZING course by Jacqui from White Deer Graphic Design. In her course, DIY Design My Biz.


It’s a four week course JAM PACKED with goodness. She helps you with allll the things, working out who your ideal client is, how to pick your brand colours and fonts, and eventually how to put it all together with a heap of AWESOME tutorials (I watched them all!!!). And, you don't need fancy equipment or expensive software, just access to Canva!


This course is hands down THE BEST value course I have taken for my biz, and I can assure you I have paid for loooots of online education over the past few years. Jacqui teaches in a way that is actually FUN! I was legit looking forward to each week’s live videos during the course, I learnt so much and felt like I was part of a community (I still do, the Facebook group is THA BEST).


PLUS! I’m giving away a set of FREE pre-made Instagram highlight cover pics for anyone who signs up via my link (link below!!!)



Pricing etc. can also be found on Jacqui's page (link above) where you'll be able to sign up for the course! Don't forget, if you use my link, you'll also get a free set of pre-made Instagram highlights icons illustrated by me!

Course enrolment opens March 11th 2020!

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