Don't worry - I was the same (not that long ago) - I had no idea WHAT to learn first, let alone how to do it?!

Buuut, now you can learn watercolour - without the overwhelm!

Why?! Because I've created a course to get you started and confident with watercolour FAST.

No fluff, just what you need to know to get you started today (for just $12!!!)


Beginners Online Course

Wanna learn watercolour, but you have NO idea where to start?! 

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Need supplies?!

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But what supplies do you even need?!

Grab your FREE Watercolour Supplies Guide here!

Plus, the guide has links to more free watercolour tutorials to help you get started!

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Don't have time/energy to search for supplies?

My Watercolour Kits have  everything you need to learn watercolour and take time out for yourself to relax, unwind and just have some fun!

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Wanna learn to paint but you're lacking confidence?

Take my $12 course to get started with watercolour fast
(even if you don’t think you’re creative!)

"This course is a great place to start...

We loved the close ups, as a beginner this is super appreciated, being able to see it right up close from varied angles is such a bonus!"

- Lil + Tonia

"After completing this course I’m so much more confident with watercolour. I know how to set up my area, activate my paints, how much water to use (or how to work out how much to use) and
I know I can have a go without worrying I’ll mess it up!

- Nicola

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Nice Words!

Watercolour House Portrait by Ruby Tuesd
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If you're after the ultimate thoughtful and personal gift, look no further than my custom artwork.


From pet portraits to house portrait, bouquet portraits and wedding portraits - the options are endless!


Added bonus: you'll go down in history as the best gift-giver everrrr.


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The most incredible watercolour workshop I’ve ever done! Highly recommend it - 10/10! Tess is amazing! 👏🏼👏🏼


I absolutely loved attending the watercolour workshop! It was such a relaxed, inspiring & fun day - I learnt lots and I've now got the skills & understanding to create and explore at home.

Would absolutely 100% recommend!! 💛


Absolutely enjoyed the watercolour art class. Tess is an amazing teacher imparting her knowledge and skills. Thanks so much Tess.

Ruby Tuesday Art Tasmanian Watercolour A