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Don't worry - I was the same (not that long ago) - I had no idea WHAT to learn first, let alone how to do it?!

Buuut, now you can learn watercolour - without the overwhelm!

Why?! Because I've created a course to get you started and confident with watercolour FAST.

No fluff, just what you need to know to get you started today (for just $112AUD!)

Beginners Online Course

Wanna learn watercolour, but you have NO idea where to start?! 

Watercolour Paper Frame (2).png

Need supplies?!


Ruby Tuesday Workshops are the perfect excuse to take some time-out for yourself, to relax and dabble in something creative.


Throughout my workshops we explore the beautiful medium of watercolour painting, in an easy and laid-back way - my classes are absolutely perfect beginners, no experience is necessary!

Watercolour Art Class Tasmania with Ruby

"This course is a great place to start...

We loved the close ups, as a beginner this is super appreciated, being able to see it right up close from varied angles is such a bonus!"

- Lil + Tonia

"After completing this course I’m so much more confident with watercolour. I know how to set up my area, activate my paints, how much water to use (or how to work out how much to use) and
I know I can have a go without worrying I’ll mess it up!

- Nicola

Watercolour Paper Frame (2).png

Nice Words!

Watercolour House Portrait by Ruby Tuesd